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oss was also awarded the Start Up of the year trophy. What the judges said: oss demonstrated everything you could plan and hope for from a start up; a viable range of innovative products and demand for its technology from the global space industry. Its a huge success story for uk manufacturing plc and an example to other companies of how to identify and exploit a market opportunity. For more on the event, please see: Awards euroconsult finspace award 2017 institute of physics business innovation awards 2017 barclays entrepreneur award 2017 uk business angels association (ukbaa) 2016 The most Promising Start-Up Commended Innovation reviews Start-up Entrepreneur of the year One to watch best Investment. Were looking for people that share our hunger in defining whats possible in NewSpace. . Were looking for people that strive to find solutions not reasons why things cant be done. There are no passengers at Oxford Space systems. In return for your hard work and ability to deliver youll enjoy a unique, flexible working environment where youll work alongside some of the brightest most motivated minds in the uk space industry. . Please only apply if youre up for the challenge of a lifetime were currently looking for talented people to join us in the following position: 2018 04a Apprenticeship where to find us company number: 8683577 vat number: gb please complete the form to get in touch.

oxford product design

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Alsat-1N is soft a joint undertaking between the uk space Agency and the Algerian Space Agency (asal and is designed as an educational mission to be delivered by surrey space centre (UK) for Algerian graduate students. Oss is using the mission as a flight opportunity to validate a number of predictions made for its proprietary flexible composite material in the demanding environment of low earth orbit. . This data will underpin development of osss commercial boom systems, including the much larger AstroTube max boom as well as that of its AstroHinge deployable panel arrays. Mission details can be found here: m/h9qugvq oss interviewed by institute of mechanical engineers : Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) recently interviewed Oxford Space systems founder ceo, mike lawton, as a part of their Innovation Campaign. . Oxford Space systems is one of the companies supported by imechEs Stephenson Fund. In the interview, mike talks about companys vision, the role of engineers in the uk and what innovation means to him. For more on the interview, please see: eche. Org oss coverage in satellite finance : Oxford Space systems ceo founder, mike lawton, was interviewed by satellite finance. Mike says that the uk newspace is tied down by esa funding regimes. In the interview, he points to a disconnect between the space agencys failure is not an option mentality and the fail fast, fail cheap approach taken by vc investors who have an appetite for risk on the back of rapid progress. For more on the interview, please see: m oss coverage in space news : Oxford Space systems gets great coverage in the space industrys leading weekly newspaper Space news. The article in the us based publication, covers the uk space Cluster at Harwell, Oxfordshire, uk home to oss and why were based here. For more on the article, please see: m oxford space systems wins british engineering excellence awards grand prix 2015 : Oxford Space systems won the Grand Prix winner of winners trophy at this years uk british Engineering Excellence Awards in London.

oxford product design

truly agile development without compromising reliability. . Thanks must go to Innovate uk and the Algerian and uk space Agencies for providing the opportunity and co-funding to come in alongside that of our investors. Special mention must go to esas artes 14 neosat programme.  This provided essential funding and expertise which permitted us to formally evaluate a range of novel composite layups targeting geo-stationary telecoms platforms. Although were not currently part of the programme, work completed under neosat underpinned this successful on-orbit deployment. The next oss astroTube boom is due for launch on a commercial mission in summer 2017 and oss is currently in negotiations with a number of overseas satellite primes for much larger variants of AstroTube and AstroTube max. Oss sets space industry record! 26 September 2016 : Oxford Space systems has gone from company formation to material design through product design, test and launch in under 30 months. The 3U Alsat-1N cubesat was successfully delivered to an orbit of 689km via the pslv launcher from India this morning. . A healthy beacon signal was detected in south Africa when anticipated around 90 mins after separation of the satellite from its launch cradle. After a few weeks of health checking and payload checkout, Alsat-1N will deploy the oss boom the worlds longest retractable cubesat boom and thus setting another record for oss!

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For more on the article, please see: /HxA2Y6 oss interviewed by womanthology : Shefali Sharma featured in leading digital magazine Womanthology. Read Shefalis words of inspiration and wisdom as she discusses opportunities in New Space and what led her to pursue a career in the industry. She also sheds light on the gender gap in space sector and the importance of inspiring young-individuals at home and at school-entry levels. Check out the interview here: /jShlaa oss interviewed by spaceoneers : How do we most effectively send satellites into space? And how do we make the best use of the volume we have in rocket launchers? Spaceoneers spoke to mike lawton, ceo and founder of Oxford Space systems. With their novel unfurlable technology such as their AstroTube boom, oss are providing highly scalable, stowage efficient structures targeted at the global satellite industry. In the interview, mike talks about the challenges of the space industry, how esa can be more entrepreneurial in its approach to smes, and the record-breaking first in-orbit demonstration of oss astroTube technology. For more on the interview, please see: /2017/01/18/mike-lawton-oss oss sets space industry record! 02 november 2016 : Oxford Space systems has set two industry records in the last month with the successful launch and deployment nail of its novel AstroTube boom. Launched on the uk-algerian Space Agencies AlSat-1N cubesat on 26th Sept 2016, oss has gone from product concept to orbit in under 30 months.

Oxford Space systems Provides Space Industry secondee to India : Shefali Sharma, from the business development team at Oxford Space systems (oss has been selected by the uk department for International Trade (dit the uk space Agency (uksa and the Space Growth Partnership (SGP). The secondment which runs from July to October will assess the scope and scale of market opportunities for uk space companies to export to India, as well as assess the appetite for Indian investment in to the. Oss recognised As One of uk's Top Innovators : Oxford Space systems has been recognised as one the most innovative companies in the uk by making the top 60 Innovations list in the july 2017 edition of Business innovation Magazine. The authors looked across the uk for innovations in all fields of engineering and design to compile their list of what they believed to be the most recent significant technological developments. . AstroTube, the oss proprietary flexible composite boom, developed and demonstrated on orbit in record-breaking time caught the magazines eye. Its the future potential of the material, whereby we can embed things like sensors and flexible printed circuit boards, as well making large sections that can be jointed on orbit, i think sets the mind racing with the possibilities, ceo and founder mike lawton said.  Download Business innovation Magazine here: m/ycarrc52 oss completes over-subscribed 1m interim fund raise : Oxford Space systems (OSS) has successfully secured over 1m in its interim funding round. . This has come predominantly from its existing institutional and private investors but also from new us investor, Space Angels. Founder and ceo, mike lawton, explained the rationale behind the companys interim fund raise, on the back of the successful in-orbit demonstration of our AstroTube boom, were seeing a lot of positive volatility in the business, with enquiries coming in at a much increased rate. We wanted to ensure we had some clear water for the remainder of the year, ideally giving us breathing space to secure one or two of the lucrative flight contract opportunities were negotiating. Once we have clarity of these, well be in a stronger position than the great one were already in for our third and more significant fund raise in early 2018. . Lawton went on to explain investor interest in oss, we targeted a raise of 800,000 (GBP) in this round but had such a good response from existing investors and the opportunity to bring Space Angels on board, that we ended up closing.1m.

oxford product design

If was developed and flown in a record breaking time for the space industry. Click here for details: m/y8zvv2ps oss wins a global Award : Oxford Space systems won a significant space industry award in recognition for its disruptive innovation and future potential. The global competition saw a short list of twenty-two space sector start-ups brought together at the finSpace Awards, paris, France. The Awards, part of the Annual World Space business week conference organised by euroconsult, then saw five companies selected as joint winners. . oss was the only uk based company to win, with other winners coming from the us and Germany.  Full details: m/14_September_2017_wsbw1 oss invited to the party! Oxford Space systems was proud to be one of a small number of companies invited to a celebration of uk government support for science and technology. The london event, marking 10 years of support for innovation, saw a number of distinguished guests attend, including Lord Willetts the former Minister of State for Universities and Science. Oss ceo, mike lawton, attended as one of several roving innovators demonstrating space technology and talking about the importance of the space industry to the uk economy. A glossy coloured brochure produced to support the celebration featuring a two page spread on oss.

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Low complexity, proprietary design Steerable mass efficient Scalable Programmable rate of deployment Cost competitive applications: Patch antenna arrays, thermal radiators, solar arrays, sar latest news oxford Space systems to provide innovative antenna for us-uk atmospheric mission real : Thales Alenia space uk has selected Oxford Space systems. The uks Defence Science and Technology laboratory (Dstl) is the end customer for the mission to study the upper atmosphere due for launch in 2020. This low earth orbit mission, builds on the flight heritage of the oss astroTube boom currently on orbit on the uk space Agencys AlSat platform. The mission, known as wiscer (Wideband Ionospheric sounder CubeSat Experiment) expands on previous work carried out by Dstl and the University of Birmingham under fund from the uk space Agency. Wiscer, part of a joint programme with the. Naval Research Laboratory, will allow scientists to study the earths upper atmosphere and evaluate the impacts on radio frequencies through the upper atmosphere. Oss will design, build and test the deployable antenna at its new facility at the harwell Space Cluster, Oxfordshire,. Oxford Space systems picked up another uk national award from the Institute of Physics (IOP) in London last night its Commended Innovation Award. This is in recognition of oss successful, innovative application of physics in the achievement of two records for the space industry with the AstroTube deployable space boom technology. The iop business Innovation Awards are the only awards uk and Ireland that celebrate the innovative application of physics and the commercial exploitation of novel technology. The AstroTube is based upon a proprietary flexible composite material designed specifically to cope with the demands of the space environment. oxford product design

Much of our work, which includes national defence projects, is performed under confidentiality agreements. But a selection of some of our developments in the public domain is profiled below. Unfurlable reflector antennas the Oxford Space systems architecture has been highly commended by the european Space Agency. Currently being duobad developed in collaboration with two major industry players under uk funding from natep. Itar-free significant reduction in complexity readily scalable architecture (2m 12m deployed diameter) High stowage efficiency novel reflector surface material under development High frequency operation (up to ka band) Cost competitive applications: Data relay systems (drs earth Observation, telecoms etc. Astrotube max telescopic boom updating a successfully flight proven design, the Oxford Space systems AstroTube max boom is a highly scalable, structurally stiff boom designed to enable a range of mid to high mass payload deployments. Low cost, low complexity design massage Retractable or single shot deployment Unlimited partial deployment footprint efficient Scalable (0.5m 15m) Internal cable gas feeds possible Optional rotation Based on a flight proven design (cfe-sat 2007) trl 9 outer cfrp telescope trl 9 AstroTube actuator system Applications: lda. Trl9 Low complexity, novel design Retractable or single shot deployment Very low shock deployment Integrated hdrm unlimited partial deployment retraction Low mass Highly footprint efficient (.5U) Scalable (0.3m 3m) Simple I2C interface Applications: payload deployment retraction, antenna systems, de-orbit structures, solar sails AstroTube successfully validated. This is based upon its stored energy AstroHinge technology. A steerable variant is under development for leo microsat applications.

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Key skills: Designing electronic systems and programming embedded systems dr tao huang head of rf engineering PhD in Radar telecommunications (University of Sheffield, uk) Specialised in rf, microwave antenna research, product design development over 20 years experience working in the satellite and Telecommunication industry. Over 20 years experience working in the em analysis, telecommunications, and Defence industries. Design engineering vincent fraux head of Design 10 years space hardware chile design experience msc in Astronautics and Space Engineering (Cranfield University) BEng in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics (Kingston University) Aerospace mechanics and Production Engineering Diploma (Toulouse University technical Institute) 4 conference and peer-reviewed journal publications. Robson Witts Apprentice successfully completed uk national Citizen Service working toward duke of York gold Award utc oxfordshire graduate level 3 btec key skills: design and assembly key collaborators prof. Zhong you principal Collaborator Professor of Engineering Science (University of Oxford) Expert in deployable closed kinematic chain structures origami folding 100 journal conference publications, 1 monograph and 6 patents collaborators support partners overview of oss design approach and products oxford Space systems is developing innovative. Our approach is one of agile development validation where success is measured in proven hardware and customer commendations. Our strategy of fast lean, combined with our unique proprietary materials, permits us to mature solutions at lower cost and a faster pace than our customers can achieve internally. This exemplified by the setting of two industry records with the successful deployment of the oss astroTube boom: from concept to orbit in under 30 months with the worlds longest retractable cubesat boom. Beyond technical excellence from a highly experienced team, were differentiated by our core design philosophy: lowering costs by reducing complexity, mass and lead times. Were proud of our rapidly growing reputation of being the uks go to company for innovative deployable technology and frequently enjoy referrals and introductions from satisfied customers and co-development partners. Our technology and products are co-developed with leading experts from academia and industry and in most cases supported by Innovate uk, the european Space Agency and the uk space Agency.

oxford product design

Fd and support services to oss a select group of high-growth tech companies. Rob, spurrett, chairman, former space industry senior executive 30 years experience in the commercial space sector. Numerous successful developments of disruptive space technology and services. John, yates, non-Exec board Director 30 years of experience in the commercial space sector. Uk delegate to the european Space Agency jcb. Policy Advisor to the uk parliamentary Space committee. David, denny, board Director / Longwall Ventures, mBA (Harvard Business School). Grew European and Asian arabia divisions of mot start-Up, z-corporation. Focus on high-value engineering opportunities, project management product assurance, mat, rowe, senior Project Manager 25 years project program management experience across nuclear, space and defence sectors Successful delivery of 25 projects for esa, nasa, cnes, thales Alenia space and Airbus other primes Full Member. 8 years experience in the space industry, delivering Passive rf and Electronic eten Satellite sub-assemblies. Business development mike lawton founder, ceo business development founded and successfully exited 2 technology businesses Barclays Start-Up Entrepreneur of the year (2017) Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Design Award of the year (2007) Green Technology of the year for India (2009) shefali sharma business development. Aerospace Engineering (Technical University of Munich (Asia singapore) b-tech Aerospace Engineering (srm university, india) key skills: Composite structural analysis and simulation dr alex brinkmeyer space materials Engineer 8 years experience in flexible composites and advanced materials PhD in Advanced Composite materials (University of Bristol) MEng.

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Our team, management team, mike, lawton, founder, ceo business development. Founded and successfully exited 2 technology businesses. Barclays Start-Up Entrepreneur of the year (2017). Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Design Award of the year (2007). Green Technology of the year for India (2009). Dr juan, reveles, chief Technology Officer, award-winning PhD research in Computational Mechanics (Cranfield University) need 16 years experience in analysis of complex engineering systems: automotive, electronics and space systems 17 conference and peer reviewed journal publications. External examiner for the msc in Astronautics and Space Engineering, Cranfield University. Mat, rowe, chief Operating Officer 25 years project program management experience across nuclear, space and defence sectors. Successful delivery of 25 projects for esa, nasa, cnes, thales Alenia space and Airbus other primes. Full Member of the Association of Project Management (mapm). Experience of managing individual projects of value exceeding 465m. Matthew, dreaper, chief Financial Officer, lead, or key role, in 93m worth of transactions over the last decade 2m of funding for a number of start-up ventures since 2008.

Oxford product design
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Find out more about ins now. Let us help you. Call or email us, global, find a sales representative near you.

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What are inertial navigation systems? This foundation guide explains what an ins (inertial navigation system) is, how it works and what it can be used for. The guide explains some of the terms and concepts you may encounter when working with gnss-aided inertial navigation systems.

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Tom Huntley, systems Consultant, geoxphere, i have worked with Oxts in my position as test engineer in two euro ncap accredited labs over the past 5 years. We use oxts due to the accuracy and ease of use of the product but also for the aftercare and service we receive. I recently helped equip a new test house and having OxTS for our adas testing and Autonomous Driving activities was an essential component to a successful test facility. Wesley hulshof, Project Engineer, tass international.

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What Our Customers say, we first started working with OxTS when we needed to design our vehicle based survey system and they have been instrumental in helping us achieve this. At every stage of our project, the team at OxTS have been available to give clear and sound advice.  Everyone we have worked with at OxTS has been very enthusiastic about our work and we take comfort in knowing that we can always count on OxTS to provide quality hardware and consultancy.

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Dedicated Application Engineering team who work directly with customers on their projects. Learn More, survey mapping, accurate and reliable georeferencing solutions for land, air and marine applications. Learn More, inertial navigation since 1998.

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Measure with confidence, by tightly coupling gnss and inertial navigation technology, our products give customers the ability to accurately measure position, orientation and velocity even in difficult environments. Automotive, precision measurement systems used by the worlds leading automotive manufacturers. Learn More, custom Projects.

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